Pet Memorial

Shelby Carey

My fav memories are walks on
Ragged Beach.
Howling with me when I sing.
Eating his ice cream real fast so he could have mine.
Watching for me in the window.
Waiting by the gate when I came home
Giving lots of doggie kisses.
Tug of war with his rope
Playing hide & seek

Pet’s name: Shelby
Nicknames: Angel
Pet parents: Helen & Francis
Siblings: Jessica
Favourite toys: Squeaky lamb & squirrel & ball & ropes
Birth/gotcha date: 2007-02-14
Death date: 2022-04-17
Favourite Activity: Walks
Favourite food: Treats
Least favourite thing: Baths/ Groomer
Friends: Baxter & Mollie & Mickey & Jaxx & Shadow

Pet Memorial

Tanner McCarthy

Tanner was our big bear. He was part Newfoundland and part Lab and even though he was a big boy he was the sweetest and most gentle dog there was. Cancer robbed us of our sweet boy at the early age of 7. He loved everyone and all animals. He was our absolute whole world. He loved playing with his tiny human cousin’s Aiden & Liam, going for walks (we had to spell that word) and swimming. Missed every single day and loved by so many! 

Pet’s name: Tanner McCarthy
Pet parents: Charles & Melanie
Siblings: Tazzy
Favourite toys: Anything with a squeaker
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-06-23
Death date: 2019-03-28
Favourite Activity: Walking, Swimming and Dog Park
Favourite food: Bologna
Least favourite thing: Getting his nails cut

Pet Memorial

Molly Ozon

Molly was the best thing that happened. She was their for all the difficult and fun moments of our lives. She will always be missed.

Pet’s name: Molly Ozon
Pet parents: Blair and Sharon Ozon
Favorite toys: crinkly toys
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-02-14
Death date: 2022-01-10
Favorite Activity: watching the birdies
Favorite food: almo
Least favorite thing: going in a car

Pet Memorial

Joey Ringrose

Joey had a huge impact on our lives, for almost eighteen years.

There was nothing subtle about Joey. He’d follow you to the bathroom; he’d lie on your lap during an entire movie; and he’d belt his famous “Ma-wow” call from the bedroom, begging to be snuggled.

Joey DEMANDED to be a huge part of your life with his bold, outgoing personality. He’d get along with anyone, and had to be where everyone was. He’d crawl right up in your face and squawk. 

Joey made us laugh every day. He was such a vocal cat, with a million different chirps and sounds. He always sounded so passionate and LOUD.

He also let us know how much he loved us every day. When I met Kimberley, he wasn’t too sure about her at first, since she cut down on Joey-Chris snuggle time. But she won him over, and he spent as much time as he could climbing inside her sweaters for a snuggle and a nap. His favourite being a cozy oatmeal coloured sweater that she could wrap around him to make a “Kitty Purrito.”

He touched so many lives over the years. The number of people that have reached out to us to say goodbye and offer condolences shows us that Joey was no ordinary cat. He was a charmer, a scamp, and a prince.

We made his last days as peaceful as possible. He lounged in the sun from his favourite window. He had plenty of snuggles and treats, and a delicious meal of fresh salmon. On his last day, Joey blessed us with one final snuggle before the vets came. He actually purred in Kimberley’s arms, wrapped up in his favourite oatmeal sweater, for one final Kitty Purrito.

Pet’s name: Joey
Pet parents: Chris & Kim Ringrose
Favourite toys: Tin foil ball
Birth/gotcha date: 2001-02-29
Death date: 2019-12-17
Favourite Activity: Barking out the window
Favourite food: Fruitcake
Least favourite thing: Street cleaner
Friends: Storm