Pet Memorial

Boots Brazil

Boots loved cuddles and play time, sun bathing on the deck. He even went on an occasional camping trip to the trailer.

Pet’s name: Boots
Pet parents: Sharlene Brazil
Favourite toys: Treat ball
Birth/gotcha date: 2014-10-31
Death date: 2023-03-11
Favourite Activity: Sleeping, eating, sun bathing on the deck. Couch cuddles and drooling over you.
Favourite food: Loved his treats, and his morning soft food
Least favourite thing: He disliked getting a bath and groomings
Friends: Bobby, Martina, Tiffany, Stephanie, Nanny B and visits with anyone who wanted cuddles

Pet Memorial

Brady Meaney

One of my favourite memories of my sweet boy as when I was outside he would look out the door and he would give me the sly eye

Pet’s name: Brady
Nicknames: Bubba
Pet parents: Trudy and Ambrose Meaney
Siblings: Brother Brody
Favourite toys: A blue kong
Birth/gotcha date: 2013-12-15
Death date: 2023-03-06
Favourite Activity: Looking out the window
Favourite food: Chicken and cheese
Least favourite thing: Taking his medicine
Friends: His best friend and brother Brody

Pet Memorial

Bear Smith

Bear was a happy go lucky baby who would jump on the quad when John started it up. He loved going for car rides specially when we loaded the car to go to the cabin. The squirrels would tease him and he would go sit at the bottom the the tree watching them. He loved belly rubs. We will miss you, Til we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Pet’s name: Bear Smith
Nicknames: baby bear
Pet parents: John and Tina Smith
Siblings: Stephanie and Shawn and fur brother Eddie
Favourite toys: Squeeks and moose antler
Birth/gotcha date: 2013-04-25
Death date: 2023-03-05
Favourite Activity: Quad rides, kayak and pedal boat rides and hikes in the woods
Favourite food: Chicken and steak as well as Bobbi’s treats
Least favourite thing: having his toes touched

Pet Memorial


From the day we got her, she was a special girl. The day we had to say goodbye broke my heart, she was only 7 months old 🙁

Pet’s name: Kallie
Nicknames: Happy Feet
Pet parents: Joanna & Jamie
Siblings: Richard, Buddy & Cleopatra
Favourite toys: Plastic springs
Birth/gotcha date: 2022-10-20
Death date: 2023-02-23
Favourite Activity: Playing with Cleopatra
Favourite food: Squeeze treats
Least favourite thing: Nothing, she was always such a happy girl

Pet Memorial

Molly Brown

Our friend for 14 years…

Pet’s name: Molly Brown
Nicknames: Little
Pet parents: Doug, Kathryn & Kristen Sellars
Siblings: Daisy Black
Favourite toys: Xmas Tree ornaments
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-04-04
Death date: 2023-02-26
Favourite Activity: Checking out the scenery at Bowring Park
Favourite food: Roast Beef
Least favourite thing: Having her teeth brushed
Friends: Lucy and Daisy

Pet Memorial

Amigo Layte

Amigo was a very kind, loving and gentle dog. He loved to swim. He lost his eyesight but that didn’t stop him. He still went every we went and loved his walks. He loved the kids and when people would visit. He will be forever missed.

Pet’s name: Amigo Layte
Nicknames: Mig-Mug, Baby Boy
Pet parents: Chad & Patricia
Siblings: Pussycats & Hens
Favourite toys: Squeaky chicken & monkey
Birth/gotcha date: 2023-03-15
Death date: 2023-02-28
Favourite Activity: Going for walks
Favourite food: Chicken & moose
Least favourite thing: Trout
Friends: Snoopy, Dory, Ozzy, Lucy, Chewy & Nakota

Pet Memorial


You were by my side since my 5th birthday it was truly a blessing to have you in our life for almost 19 whole years !
Pet parents: Teisha
Siblings: Ally & Dejah
Favourite toys: Play mouse
Birth/gotcha date: 2004-07-24
Death date: 2023-02-28
Favourite Activity: Naping !
Favourite food: Temptation treats
Least favourite thing: Her fur sister Ally

Pet Memorial


Favourite memories: Max was the best fur baby going, he was so loving and caring and always there for each one of us on bad days and every day. He loved going for rides in the car . He would be at the door waiting for everyone to come in all happy and excited cause everyone was home. He loved going on adventures and he had travelled to a lot of places . He was born in Hamilton Ontario and lived in Burlington , Ontario till he was 4 and then he made the adventure across Canada to move to grand bank , nl where he enjoyed the remaining years of his happy life ! You will always be in our heart out sweet angel

Pet’s name: Max
Nicknames: Maxie and moose
Pet parents: Barry, Curtis, Alexandra and cathy
Favourite toys: Soccer ball, Hersey squeak toy, ghost toy and his stick
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-07-31
Death date: 2023-02-20
Favourite Activity: Car rides ,playing in the park and eating (lol) and hanging out with his family
Favourite food: Every thing
Least favourite thing: His toes being touch
Friends: Everyone

Pet Memorial

Charlie Lushman

I would say if Charlie could sum up his favourite memories, it would most definitely include being anywhere his Momma was, chasing his big sister MaraBella and playing with his red kong bone – oh, and definitely pulling the squeakers out of all his toys! MaraBella came into his life in his later years, and I know if he could speak he would be saying “Mom, look at me playing with the big kids!” He just loved chasing her so much!

Pet’s name: Charlie
Pet parents: Deanna Lushman and Darcy Dredge
Siblings: MaraBella
Favourite toys: Red Kong Bone
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-01-20
Death date: 2023-01-28
Favourite Activity: Chasing his sister MaraBella
Favourite food: Peanut Butter
Least favourite thing: strange dogs
Friends: Candi, Willow and Molly

Pet Memorial

Pippa Fudge

Endless cuddles with mama and daddy, her puppy fall photoshoot, roadtrips to see Nanny and Poppy Fudge, cuddles with Grandma Oates and spa days with her sissys.

Pet’s name: Pippa
Nicknames: Pip
Pet parents: Brad and Pamela Fudge
Siblings: Lena
Favourite toys: Socks tied in knots, orange shuttle toy and anything that meant she got to be chased
Birth/gotcha date: 2015-07-04
Death date: 2023-02-06
Favourite Activity: Cuddling and cooking with her Mama
Favourite food: Cheese and Sardines
Least favourite thing: Visitors leaving the house
Friends: Sissy Tara, Rebecca, Sissy Courtney, little Hayden (who called her sweet potato), Nanny and Poppy Fudge and Grandma and Poppy Oates