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Abby Janes

Favourite memories: Playing soccer, she’d chase the ball around the yard and herd it back around. She was saucy, demanding bedtime when she says so,

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Molly Mayo

Her sitting on the back of the couch waiting for me to come home,always so happy and full of life. Pet’s name: MollyNicknames: My Puppy

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Zoe Follett

One of my favourite memories with Zoe is when we would hang out in the sun on the back patio for hours, cuddling in my

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Wilbur Davis

Boo and I have endless ‘favorite’ memories..the most notable ones being cuddling and listening to soft jazz. His purr in these moments would rival a

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Jaxx Way

Favourite memories: Eating ice cream in the car, walks along the ocean, every goofy thing he ever did! Pet’s name: JaxxNicknames: Jaxxy BoyPet parents: Jade

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Quinn Lambe

Quinn was the bestest dog, “child”, friend and “sister dog” we could have ever dreamed of. We could not have loved her more. Those who

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