Pet Memorial

Katie Purcell

Katie was the luckiest doggie! She was truly loved beyond measure and the centre of Poppy’s world!
We like to think she’s across the bridge playing with Nanny and all our precious pups before her…. And she’s likely rounding up a few minions to see to her needs!! We love you Girlie.

Pet’s name: Katie Purcell
Nicknames: Girlie
Pet parents: Tom (Poppy) Purcell
Siblings: Debbie, Sandy, Ree, Tom & Maggie!!! Haha
Favourite toys: Poppy!
Birth/gotcha date: 2006-05-15
Death date: 2022-06-28
Favourite Activity: Hanging on the deck with Poppy
Favourite food: Baked chicken breast
Least favourite thing: Fur cuts
Friends: John and The Boys

Pet Memorial


18 years was not long enough. Loved life and loved his cat brother Smokey. You will be missed immensely, my little tuxedo. Rest easy little one.

Pet’s name: SKITTLE
Nicknames: Skit Dits
Pet parents: Ally & Austin
Siblings: Smokey
Favourite toys: Mouse/feathers
Birth/gotcha date: 2004-04-01
Death date: 2022-06-20
Favourite Activity: Laying in the sun
Favourite food: Wienies
Least favourite thing: Wind

Pet Memorial


Close to Mom and Dad, pawing for attention, laying on your feet while seated and going out to come back in for a treat. Eating leftovers from dinner.

Pet’s name: Max
Nicknames: Ba ba
Pet parents: Rene And Cloy Ritter
Siblings: Casey Ai
Favourite toys: Food.
Birth/gotcha date: 2015-08-30
Death date: 2022-05-31
Favourite Activity: Eating and Pawing
Favourite food: Home cooked
Least favourite thing: Rain

Pet Memorial

Lily Kielly

Driving was her favorite thing to do, she would get so excited when she would hear the word “drive” and it made us so happy. She would sleep with us every night and cuddle up under the blankets, and she followed us everywhere. She was such a great dog and we loved her very much, she will be forever loved and missed.

Pet’s name: Lily Kielly
Pet parents: Natalie, Mitchell, Donna, Johnny
Siblings: Bella the cat
Favourite toys: Pink elephant, pink frisbee, and all squeaky toys
Birth/gotcha date: 2018-01-29
Death date: 2022-05-31
Favourite Activity: Going for a drive and going for walks
Favourite food: Bacon and cheese
Least favourite thing: Wearing a harness/shirt

Pet Memorial

River Diesel Peddle

Today this gentle soul joined the angels. River was one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. He took his last ride to McDonald’s for a delicious ice cream cone that he enjoyed until the last lick. Waiting with open arms at the bridge is his human Dad, fur-siblings Roxy, Hammy, Nutmeg, Oso, and Geronimo, as well as feathered-brothers Kiwi, Chico, Robbie, and Omar. Last but not least, butterfly sister, Mariposa.
He leaves behind his human family: his mom (Ann), big sister (Emily) and two older brothers (Aaron & Joey). He also leaves behind two special fur-cousins, Bella and Zena, his loving aunt, Aunt Gail. As well as little sister Josie, and feathered-brother, Rupaul. He will also be missed by feline friend Bella Cornick, and his fence buddy, Meeko Fitzgerald. We are sure they will miss their morning chats. He will also be missed by the city garbageman and the Irving propane man, we are sure the barking was nothing personal! He was just confident they were stealing our stuff. Live like River, don’t take life too seriously. Kick some grass over the rough spots and keep moving.
Cremation has taken place. In lieu of flowers, River requests that everybody take some time to hug their fur babies extra close tonight.
As a retired CKC Champion, River will be competing in the big dog show in the sky tonight.
“River – Bayridge’s Texas Hold ‘Em”
Fly high my boy

Pet’s name: River Diesel Peddle
Pet parents: Ann & Derek Peddle
Siblings: Roxy
Favourite toys: Wind-up toy car
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-05-04
Death date: 2022-06-07
Favourite Activity: Going for walks, watching his Mom cook supper, chilling out on the couch, looking for snacks, laying out on the patio snapping at sky jalapenos (wasps)
Favourite food: Hawkins Cheezies
Least favourite thing: Swimming, anything to do with water
Friends: Kiwi, Rupaul, Chico, Robbie, Omar, Mariposa, Hammy, Nutmeg, Oso, Geronimo, and Josie

Pet Memorial


Bailey was a part of the family. Never wanting to be alone, he went where we went and did everything we did. He slowed down a lot in his senior years but Bailey was always a good sport about everything, whether it was dressing up for Halloween, getting his nails cut, or sitting around the campfire.

Pet’s name: Bailey
Pet parents: Leah and Stephen
Siblings: Brayden and Avah
Favourite toys: Not a fan of toys, did enjoy searching for tissues in purses and barking at the vacuum hose.
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-06-11
Death date: 2022-06-01
Favourite Activity: Cuddling with my humans
Favourite food: Meat of any kind
Least favourite thing: Snow