Katie Purcell

Katie was the luckiest doggie! She was truly loved beyond measure and the centre of Poppy’s world!
We like to think she’s across the bridge playing with Nanny and all our precious pups before her…. And she’s likely rounding up a few minions to see to her needs!! We love you Girlie.

Pet’s name: Katie Purcell
Nicknames: Girlie
Pet parents: Tom (Poppy) Purcell
Siblings: Debbie, Sandy, Ree, Tom & Maggie!!! Haha
Favourite toys: Poppy!
Birth/gotcha date: 2006-05-15
Death date: 2022-06-28
Favourite Activity: Hanging on the deck with Poppy
Favourite food: Baked chicken breast
Least favourite thing: Fur cuts
Friends: John and The Boys

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