Pet Memorial


Her unconditional love for her entire family. She knew when one of her family members were sad and she crawl in your arms and kiss your face to make you feel better.

Nicknames: Girlie
Pet parents: Darlene and Tony Byrne
Siblings: Montannah and Tim
Favourite toys: Stuffies with a squeaker
Birth/gotcha date: 2007-11-22
Death date: 2022-07-16
Favourite Activity: Going on walks and playing with Zoe her friend
Favourite food: Baked chicken
Least favourite thing: Dry dog food
Friends: Zoe and Princess

Pet Memorial


Coming home from work and seeing her wag her tail and giving me her slobbering kisses; it was the best part of both of our days. I miss Sasha so much.

Nicknames: Sash, mommy’s girl
Pet parents: Trina Engram
Favourite toys: Bear, frog, basically any fuzzy squeaky toy
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-01-06
Death date: 2022-07-11
Favourite Activity: Going for walks
Favourite food: Chicken
Least favourite thing: Bath

Pet Memorial

Mia Sophia

Sitting up at table like a human eating Kraft dinner and she loved her hugs. Loved to chase her ball. She loved getting on the table if the dishes were left there. And most of all she loved to open presents.

Pet parents: Anne-Marie Brown
Favourite toys: Stuff small toys
Birth/gotcha date: 2022-11-05
Death date: 2022-07-15
Favourite Activity: Rooting into the garbage can
Favourite food: Table scraps if she could get them and cheese
Least favourite thing: Going for a walk
Friends: Macie and Bruno