Pet Memorial

Pumpkin White

Going outside, brushing him, feeding him banana, cleaning his pen.

Pet’s name: Pumpkin
Nicknames: Bunny
Pet parents: Maddie white
Favourite toys: Cardboard boxes, his purple bag stuffed animal
Birth/gotcha date: 2015-08-07
Death date: 2022-05-23
Favourite Activity: Going outside, sleeping in box, licking his stuffed animal, eating, shredding things
Favourite food: Banana, apple, lettuce, kale
Least favourite thing: Being groomed, being picked up, people
Friends: Maddie

Pet Memorial

Mya Lynch

The day we rescued Mya, she was only 9 days old. Bottle feedings every 2 hrs. We loved every minute of watching her grow into a strong, beautiful girl. She loved going on car rides with her daddy, sit in the front seat, and I swear, she always had a smile on her face. When Mya passed, she took a peace of us with her.

Pet’s name: Mya
Nicknames: My-My
Pet parents: Graham & Cherie Lynch
Siblings: Peanut (cat brother)
Favourite toys: My Monkey
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-04-01
Death date: 2022-05-21
Favourite Activity: Going for car rides with my daddy
Favourite food: Spaghetti
Least favourite thing: Broccoli

Pet Memorial

Jersey Andersen

She was a good girl who was very loyal to her family.

Pet’s name: Jersey
Pet parents: April and Lloyd
Siblings: Samuel, Jacob and Little Cora
Favourite toys: Balls
Birth/gotcha date: 2012-03-09
Death date: 2022-05-13
Favourite Activity: Chasing the boys while on ski-doo
Favourite food: Steak
Least favourite thing: walking up stairs

Pet Memorial

 Bud Parsons

Our favorite memories of our sweet baby boy was simply all the cuddles! He was so loving and affectionate. Loved attention, the more he was given kisses, rubs and talked to the more his beautiful brown eyes would light up. Buddy loved the cabin/camper and coming along with Mom and Dad everywhere we went. To say our boy will be missed is an understatement… but we will forever be so beyond grateful you came into our lives and stayed for 12 beautiful years. We love you have a good day and be careful we will see you later. XO Mommy & Dad! We will miss always and forever.

Pet’s name: Bud
Nicknames: Buddy
Pet parents: Kourtney & Roger
Favourite toys: Ball
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-08-21
Death date: 2022-05-16
Favourite Activity: Cuddles
Favourite food: Apples, chicken, plain donuts.. who are we kidding.. mostly everything
Least favourite thing: Bananas and getting brushed

Pet Memorial

Rex Joseph Spragg

When Rex’s fur brother Charlie was a small puppy, we would ask the two dogs to sit on the front step before we allowed them into the house.  We asked Charlie to sit many times but he would not comply.  Rexy appeared to loose his patience. He raised his paw and thumped Charlie on the butt, pushing him into sitting position.

Rex was a caring brother and loyal family member.  He was renowned for carrying his frisbee around the neighborhood in Clovelly Trails. He will remain furever in our hearts.

Rex Joseph Spragg born January 28, 2015, died May 10, 2022

Nicknames:  “Rexy” and “Shrekx” (when his paws would turn green from running after the frisbee in the freshly cut grass)

Left to mourn:

Human Parents, Sue and Rick Spragg

Siblings, Noah (human) Charlie (Chocolate Lab) predeceased by Jack (Chocolate Lab)

Human Siblings outside the home, Tara and Daniel

Grandparents, Ron and Donald Spragg and Vic and Jean Fildes

and numerous human and fur nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles

Favourite toys: frisbees and balls
Favourite foods: bananas, apples, and yogurt
Hated: spinach and feared cats

Pet Memorial

Jack Crane

Jack was choosy about his friends, but when he loved you, you knew it. As a puppy, he chewed every corner of furniture and walls available to him but graduated to his toys quickly. He was an incredibly smart learner, but not so great in coming when called if he would make a quick escape through a door to run around the neighborhood like a greased pig with neighbors trying to catch him (LOL!). He was a little dog who thought that he was a big outdoors dog. He loved trails in the woods and no snow was too deep for him. He was the best hiking buddy ever and would walk 9 k several times a week without missing a beat. There was a time when chased a squirrel halfway up a tree before he realized that he couldn’t climb! He was particularly fond of swimming, especially he wore his floating vest. He was my best buddy at home, my l’il confidant, & a great foot warmer,, especially in bed. Rest easy little feller, & know that you were loved so very dearly.

Pet’s name: Jack Crane
Nicknames: Jackson Browndog
Pet parents: Grace Crane & loved by Bill, Pamela, Steph, Doug and Dean
Favourite toys: Anything that he could tear apart, tennis balls
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-02-15
Death date: 2022-05-14
Favourite Activity: Hikes, belly rubs, chasing sticks, swimming, teasing Cinder the cat, playing with Sophie the dog
Favourite food: Doggie treats and BACON! Lots and Lots of BACON!
Least favourite thing: Baths
Friends: Sophie, Milo, Riley