Jack Crane

Jack was choosy about his friends, but when he loved you, you knew it. As a puppy, he chewed every corner of furniture and walls available to him but graduated to his toys quickly. He was an incredibly smart learner, but not so great in coming when called if he would make a quick escape through a door to run around the neighborhood like a greased pig with neighbors trying to catch him (LOL!). He was a little dog who thought that he was a big outdoors dog. He loved trails in the woods and no snow was too deep for him. He was the best hiking buddy ever and would walk 9 k several times a week without missing a beat. There was a time when chased a squirrel halfway up a tree before he realized that he couldn’t climb! He was particularly fond of swimming, especially he wore his floating vest. He was my best buddy at home, my l’il confidant, & a great foot warmer,, especially in bed. Rest easy little feller, & know that you were loved so very dearly.

Pet’s name: Jack Crane
Nicknames: Jackson Browndog
Pet parents: Grace Crane & loved by Bill, Pamela, Steph, Doug and Dean
Favourite toys: Anything that he could tear apart, tennis balls
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-02-15
Death date: 2022-05-14
Favourite Activity: Hikes, belly rubs, chasing sticks, swimming, teasing Cinder the cat, playing with Sophie the dog
Favourite food: Doggie treats and BACON! Lots and Lots of BACON!
Least favourite thing: Baths
Friends: Sophie, Milo, Riley

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