Pet Memorial

Harley Quinn

She was a very quick learner. We were able to teach her how to sit, lay down, sit up, shake paw and other paw as well as reach for the sky. All were taught using hand signals. We will always remember her getting the zoomies and breaking the shoe rack in the process. After being in the car for 4 day driving from Ontario to Newfoundland, she wasn’t as happy to get in the car anymore, lol. Her cuddles on the couch will be missed my all.

Pet parents: Amanda and Jayson
Siblings: Abbygail and Neil
Favourite toys: Toy Tire
Birth/gotcha date: 2019-07-31
Death date: 2022-08-24
Favourite Activity: Tug of War
Favourite food: Strawberries
Least favourite thing: Getting her nail cut
Friends: Jube Jube and Delilah

Pet Memorial


Lulu was always in a hurry, she would “scurry” around the house. Getting ready for work in the morning I would have to share the bathroom sink with Lulu – she would wait (not so patiently) for me to turn on the tap so she could drink. Breakfast time was her favorite time! She would jump up as I was sharing the food out and eat half of her wet food, half of Finnegan’s, then finish hers once I put the dishes down for them both. Finnegan knew the routine and always waited patiently for Lulu to eat whatever she wanted from both dishes before chowing down. She was a spitfire – barely 6 lbs and ruled the house. Her brothers are big boys (15 and 19 lbs) and they knew she was the queen. We miss her hisses and fiesty meows. I took Lulu in temporarily from a family member in 2014 but loved her far too much to ever part with her. Lulu, thank you for giving me 8 wonderful years of love and memories.

Nicknames: Lululemon, Louie
Pet parents: Amanda Halfyard
Siblings: Pusser and Finnegan
Favourite toys: Toy mice
Birth/gotcha date: 2014-11-16
Death date: 2022-07-31
Favourite Activity: People watching from her cat tree, chasing Finnegan, hissing at her brothers, lap naps with mom
Favourite food: Treats, wet food, human food – anything she could get her paws on
Least favourite thing: Mom rubbing her nose, Finnegan trying to cuddle