Lulu was always in a hurry, she would “scurry” around the house. Getting ready for work in the morning I would have to share the bathroom sink with Lulu – she would wait (not so patiently) for me to turn on the tap so she could drink. Breakfast time was her favorite time! She would jump up as I was sharing the food out and eat half of her wet food, half of Finnegan’s, then finish hers once I put the dishes down for them both. Finnegan knew the routine and always waited patiently for Lulu to eat whatever she wanted from both dishes before chowing down. She was a spitfire – barely 6 lbs and ruled the house. Her brothers are big boys (15 and 19 lbs) and they knew she was the queen. We miss her hisses and fiesty meows. I took Lulu in temporarily from a family member in 2014 but loved her far too much to ever part with her. Lulu, thank you for giving me 8 wonderful years of love and memories.

Nicknames: Lululemon, Louie
Pet parents: Amanda Halfyard
Siblings: Pusser and Finnegan
Favourite toys: Toy mice
Birth/gotcha date: 2014-11-16
Death date: 2022-07-31
Favourite Activity: People watching from her cat tree, chasing Finnegan, hissing at her brothers, lap naps with mom
Favourite food: Treats, wet food, human food – anything she could get her paws on
Least favourite thing: Mom rubbing her nose, Finnegan trying to cuddle

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