Rex Joseph Spragg

When Rex’s fur brother Charlie was a small puppy, we would ask the two dogs to sit on the front step before we allowed them into the house.  We asked Charlie to sit many times but he would not comply.  Rexy appeared to loose his patience. He raised his paw and thumped Charlie on the butt, pushing him into sitting position.

Rex was a caring brother and loyal family member.  He was renowned for carrying his frisbee around the neighborhood in Clovelly Trails. He will remain furever in our hearts.

Rex Joseph Spragg born January 28, 2015, died May 10, 2022

Nicknames:  “Rexy” and “Shrekx” (when his paws would turn green from running after the frisbee in the freshly cut grass)

Left to mourn:

Human Parents, Sue and Rick Spragg

Siblings, Noah (human) Charlie (Chocolate Lab) predeceased by Jack (Chocolate Lab)

Human Siblings outside the home, Tara and Daniel

Grandparents, Ron and Donald Spragg and Vic and Jean Fildes

and numerous human and fur nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles

Favourite toys: frisbees and balls
Favourite foods: bananas, apples, and yogurt
Hated: spinach and feared cats

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