Shelby Carey

My fav memories are walks on
Ragged Beach.
Howling with me when I sing.
Eating his ice cream real fast so he could have mine.
Watching for me in the window.
Waiting by the gate when I came home
Giving lots of doggie kisses.
Tug of war with his rope
Playing hide & seek

Pet’s name: Shelby
Nicknames: Angel
Pet parents: Helen & Francis
Siblings: Jessica
Favourite toys: Squeaky lamb & squirrel & ball & ropes
Birth/gotcha date: 2007-02-14
Death date: 2022-04-17
Favourite Activity: Walks
Favourite food: Treats
Least favourite thing: Baths/ Groomer
Friends: Baxter & Mollie & Mickey & Jaxx & Shadow

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