Cozy Cat Urn – Tabby

The particular tilt of their head that asked a question, the flip flap of their tail that said, I’m jungle hunting, and the sweet gentleness of their paw in the morning when they just couldn’t wait for you to wake up. These are the moments that are remembered after a beloved cat travels on, the moments that will make us smile for years to come. The Cozy Cat Cremation Urn for ashes does not replace those smiles, but it does call them to mind. A feline cremation urn is a meaningful reminder of moments spent between family and cat. These pet urns for cats are a safe and secure place to keep those treasured memories close.

The Cozy Cats Tabby statuary pet cremation urn is crafted from cast resin in the sculpture of a kitty cat.

  • Item: Tabby C317


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