Eddy LeGrow Brinson

Walking Mom down the aisle to Dad and travelling to the west coast each summer. Christmas morning stocking was always the best. All our favourite memories include Eddy

Nicknames: The Eddy Puppy, Eduardo, Steady Eddy
Pet parents: Christine & Gordon Brinson
Siblings?: Spoiled only child
Favourite toys: Frisbee, any ball and Froggy
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-12-03
Death date: 2024-06-18
Favourite Activity: Walks, swimming, drives, travelling. Being with family & eating treats!
Favourite food: Lamb, Timbits, Puppuccinos & Bologna!
Least favourite thing: Delivery trucks & the vet.
Friends: Angels (Lexie, Poppy, Lexie Lou, Tetley, Nitro) Living pals, Isla, Grit & Marcy.

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