There are so many favourite moments… Laying outside in the sun on the blanket in the backyard, snuggling, chuchu (her fav treats) bedtime, teaching her words and to press her buttons, teaching her tricks, she knew all the words to the rooms and her toys, food, and outside (which was her favourite button, she pressed countless times a day when we were inside, until we went out!)
Honey was a stray found in Lewisporte, we got her from the SPCA, only found out in March she was FeLV positive and didn’t have much time left. It had caused cancers and was very aggressive. Heartbreaking, but she had the best life, and made my life the best. I love you Honey, my sweet soulmate.

Nicknames: Honey Booty Bum Princess Girl. My soulmate
Pet parents: Sissy: Hayley, Mom: Stella, Dad: Dennis
Siblings: Angel (big brother kitty in Heaven)
Favourite toys: Soft balls to play catch and volleyball with. Cat nip lick toys, and everything to stimulate her hunter raw Cat 🙂
Birth/gotcha date: 2021-06-25
Death date: 2024-05-18
Favourite Activity: Going outside on her harness, walking me. (Lol) Snuggling at bedtime, and chuchu (churu treats) before bedtime, during our very special bedtime routine.
Favourite food: Churus 🙂 and freeze dried tuna and salmon. At the end she really liked temptations too.
Least favourite thing: The vet 🙁 my poor girl

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