Coady Peddle

Picking him because his sister peed
Drive home with him
Always being with you when you were sick
Cuddling up in the bed
Sleeping on Abby’s floor when she was a newborn
Scaring Jogger
Pulling Carson through trees
Being the best son ever

Nicknames: Dee, Coads, Sizzle Dizzle Twizzle, Coady 2 Chains, Deeson Jackie Gleason
Pet parents: Chad and Janine
Siblings: Carson, Abby, and Ace (cat)
Favourite toys: Dollarama squeaky chickens
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-07-01
Death date: 2024-05-17
Favourite Activity: Protecting our fended in backyard lol
Favourite food: Viennas or anything BBQ
Least favourite thing: Thunder or Fireworks
Friends: Morgan, Abby, Lilly

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