Banjo was meant to be our dog, We met him the first time on a SPCA fundraiser walk and he curled up in my arms and I told him if the house gets finalized and you don’t have a home you’ll join our family. He was adopted before our house finished closing and we were sad he wasn’t ours but happy he had a family, but a week later he was back the first adoption fell though! Soon as we seen his picture back up we put an application and picked him up the next day. We had five wonderful months with him full of car rides, adventures, doggy friend visits, stuffies and snuggles. He was the type of dog who was just happy being part of the family. Sadly we lost him suddenly to a rare cancer. The rainbow bridge is brighter with him in it ❤

Nicknames: Fluffy Sir, Snuggle Butt, Fluffer Butt
Pet parents: Vicki & Josh
Favourite toys: Stuffies
Birth/gotcha date: 2023-10-27
Death date: 2024-03-26
Favourite Activity: Snuggles in Bed, Hiking, People Watching, and Riding in Car
Favourite food: Salmon/Fish
Least favourite thing: Nail Trims
Friends: Phoebe, Harley, and Millie

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