The day we went to the farm to choose her. There was 4 females in the litter and we were the first to choose. It was by chance she was the first one I picked up. She slept in my arms, cuddled into me, she felt so comfortable and perfect. The breeder said that it was unusual for a puppy to be so comfortable with someone they just met. Well that was it, I didn’t even pick up her sisters, Lucy chose me and I chose her. It was meant to be.

Nicknames: Luce, Lucy Lou, Luce Goos
Pet parents: Alison and Chris
Siblings: Fur siblings Milo and Otis (the cats), Niko and Isla (the huskies), and her two legged siblings Ava and Zander
Favourite toys: Anything that made noise or toys she could hide in her jowls. She destroyed everything so nothing ever lasted.
Birth/gotcha date: 2019-01-25
Death date: 2024-04-25
Favourite Activity: Napping, lol
Favourite food: She didn’t get much human food, but she loved getting the crust off my sons grilled cheese.
Least favourite thing: Getting brushed
Friends: Jax

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