Fiddler Penney-Parrell

Fiddler jumping from the kitchen table to the counter top, sliding across the counter, effectively turning himself into a bowling ball and knocking everything off the counter.

Our cuddles every single night in the chair where I would hold him like a baby and rub his belly for hours.

The first time he let me pet him after his momma passed away and he was abruptly moved from his previous home after 12 years and didn’t know why. Those first few weeks were a struggle but it paid off because the bond and the love we shared was so strong and so special.

When he would get the zoomies because it happened so rarely.

Nicknames: Fiddles, Fiddlesticks, baby Fidds, turkey
Pet parents: Amanda and CJ. Previously Marie Penney (RIP)
Siblings?: Ella, Mac, Buddy, Dickie, Fluffy, Red, Rusty, Sugar, Bud, Louie
Favourite toys: Catnip moise
Birth/gotcha date: 2023-01-09
Death date: 2024-04-05
Favourite Activity: Couch snuggles and belly rubs
Favourite food: Cheese
Least favourite thing: Closed doors

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