Winny Fortune

13 years of memories. The softest coat, the happiest bark with the best helicopter tail. She was high on life and happy to do anything. A party girl in her younger years, and always up for a late night drive.
She became a mom to her & Willy’s pups, a good mom.
She had a very special bond with her dad. We left apartment life and moved to our new house. She loved this house!

A great bedside nurse for 2 surgeries and lots of sick days. We had the best summer last year. A Saturday fight night buddy. She loved watching mma with her family. Late nights on the deck with just me and you.
A great listener and even better cuddle buddy. A best friend. A once in a lifetime dog. Our trio is down to two. Nothing will be the same without our Winny girl. She will be missed forever.
Winny woo, the Pompano.

Nicknames: Trid
Pet parents: Allison Fortune and Zack Brunelle
Siblings?: Willy (husband) Jeffrey (son)
Favourite toys: Burger toys
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-12-09
Death date: 2024-03-20
Favourite Activity: Being with her family
Favourite food: Pizza
Least favourite thing: Being separated from Willy or Jeffrey, which was rare.
Friends: A large circle of family and friends both human and dog

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