Flounder Croke

There are so many great memories but one of my favourite is the day we got her from the spca, flounder looked so sad but she wasn’t long warming up to us and becoming a cuddle bug! She was apart of so much and meant something to each one of my family members! She was always there to cheer you up with some cuddles. I’ll miss seeing her wait at the door for me when I get home work and that sweet meow.

Pet’s name: Flounder Croke
Pet parents: Chantal
Siblings: Sammy, Astro, Venus and Luna
Favourite toys: A Pepsi box
Birth/gotcha date: 2015-01-08
Death date: 2024-04-05
Favourite Activity: Cuddling or sun bathing in the window
Favourite food: Temptation streets
Least favourite thing: When my mom would leave to go to work

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