Taco L. Noel

We dubbed Taco “the Christmas dog” as she enjoyed every moment, from preparation to taking down the tree. She was always first to check out her stocking while we watched and smiled. Taco grew up with her sisters, and they spent much time dressing her for every event. She was always styling for Christmas and trick-or-treating yearly in her costumes. She always brightened our day and gave us the best snuggles. For a small bundle of fluff, she had a super-sized heart and personality, and we feel blessed to have been the recipients of her love. In a world where you can be anything “be a Taco.” We love your sweet girl.

Nicknames: Sweet girly,
Pet parents: Momma and Dad
Siblings?: Emma and Sarah
Favourite toys: Duck, Beary, and her blankie
Birth/gotcha date: 2006-04-06
Death date: 2024-04-13
Favourite Activity: Hiking, taking “long sniff breaks, travelling, and time spent with family.
Favourite food: Bacon, and cod fish. She loved “supervising BBQs on the patio.”
Least favourite thing: Taking a bath

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