Eddie Smith

Eddie loved going for walks and chasing squirrels. He was a big brother to Bear. Whenever Bear would roam at the cabin, Eddie always found him and brought him back. Eddie was the ultimate lap dog , always wanting human touch. Always enjoyed pedal boat rides. Also Eddie had Snoopy’s dance pose for his sleeping pose.

Nicknames: Ed
Pet parents: John and Tina Smith
Siblings: Bear (pre-deceased fur brother) and Stephanie and Shawn
Favourite toys: pillow
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-09-06
Death date: 2024-04-08
Favourite Activity: going for car rides and in pedal boat or Kayak. chasing squirrels when younger.
Favourite food: Bobbi’s treats and bunny ears
Least favourite thing: riding on the quad but did not want to be left behind
Friends: plenty of human friends

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