Sir Phoenix

Every moment with Phoenix was the best. For a dog that slept more than 20 hours a day, he had so much personality. If you were anywhere near Phoenix, you were bound to look up to him an inch from your face, staring at you, and get a prompt burp in the face which was how he said I love you. Phoenix had absolutely no concept of personal space. He would sleep with his bum in your face with no care in the world, and we wouldn’t dare move him. He was extremely talented at always stepping in his own poop and tracking it through the house before we’d catch him. He was also extremely talented at always finding a way to beat himself up. By the time he crossed the rainbow bridge, he had no fur left on his back paws from all the scuffs. He was about as graceful as a Bull in a China shop. Phoenix loved his toys, and even at 11 years old, would get his zoomies of throwing his toys around like a puppy. Up until 2023, when he went under dental surgery, he was very fond of eating all of the eyeballs out of his stuffies. After losing 21 teeth, we noticed his new stuffies (in which he usually got once a week) were able to see. We cherished every moment with our sweet Phoenix, and he certainly lived the very best life that he well deserved. Phoenix’s very favourite thing was always the Sun. He was our Sun, and now he is forever in the Sun. We love you so much, Sir Phoenix.

Pet’s name: Sir Phoenix
Nicknames: Sir, Stinker
Pet parents: Mom and Best Friend, Cyndie Stapleton
Siblings: Hannah Stapleton
Favourite toys: His Camel, His Stitch, His Sheep
Birth/gotcha date: 2012-10-14
Death date: 2024-03-18
Favourite Activity: Laying in the Sun, Guarding us in the Bathroom, Staring, and Burping in your face
Favourite food: Chicken, Soft Food, and all treats
Least favourite thing: Any Rain or Wind
Friends: Everyone, but especially Poppy, Steven and Brianna

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