Zeah King

From the first time I seen your face I knew that you would be mine. You’ve changed my life for the better, I never knew how much of an impact you’d make on my life until now that you’re not here. You had my back and stood by my side through so many stages of my life, no matter the circumstances you were the one who was there for me when there was absolutely no one else. By fluke one day I stumbled upon a Facebook article about a dog fighting ring and how the dogs would be euthanized seeing your golden eyes with that little sparkle of hope I knew I had to act fast. After a lifetime of abuse, Zeah’s appointment at the veterinary clinic in Labrador might have seemed like sweet release. Being adopted out 3 separate occasions with all of them ending her back at the shelter, becoming one of the longest residents. This was her last shot at her having the life she deserved. She was dogged by her own reputation from day 1 but needed the right person to give her a real chance. There’s not one “bad dog” on this earth, just bad owners! There was so many stipulations to adopt her- no other animals, no kids, no men, had to wear a muzzle in public, never off of her leash because “you never know if and when she would turn on you” after spending time with her and building a bond and trust I knew these stigmas weren’t Zeah’s, they were the past owners inflicted trauma on her. Less than a year of having you by my side there’s no trace of the lives she once lived or the horrors she endured after surviving horrible treatment, abuse, living outdoors, being forced to fight for her life and then to think you’ll be in a loving home just to be gave up on and brought back, made me determined to fight harder for you. I didn’t think twice about adopting you, untrue and unfair stigmas surround bully breeds especially ones in shelters- these don’t help the animal, it just causes more hate. These biases and stigmas can often leave dogs waiting in shelters hoping that someone will give them the second chance they deserve. Every dog will experience trauma differently and heal in different ways, and though every dog will have its own specific set of needs, just like Zeah. Showing her unconditional love, working with her to earn my trust. Knowing that she may be terrified of some people/ situations due to the abuse she suffered. But in reality bully breeds like pit bulls are the biggest babies and just love to cuddle. She was the best dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my life. She was so gentle and patience with my daughter who has special needs, letting her take her toys, pull her ears and tail and even take treats from her. I got a cat who became Zeah’s best friend and little sister – they became inseparable. Every stipulation she was given, she didn’t need after a short period of having a loving stable environment. I hope Zeah’s story will help change peoples opinions of these beautiful animals and the stigmas that surround them, even if the only thing you take from this is “ There’s NO bad animals, ONLY bad owners” because Zeah is proof that with the right love, attention and care, you can change their lives and the outcome of their past. Zeah was 17 years old when she passed, and there’s not a day that has gone by since that we don’t miss her foolish smile, golden eyes and big slobbery tongue. We Love you so much Zeah-po-peeya

Pet’s name: Zeah
Nicknames: Zeah-po-peeya
Pet parents: Kay
Siblings: Luna
Favourite toys: Squeaky Rubber Chicken
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-11-13
Death date: 2024-02-03
Favourite Activity: Car rides, adventures, hiking, snuggling and squeaking her toys
Favourite food: Cookies, gummy bears and dehydrated fish
Least favourite thing: Green peas
Friends: My mom, Hooman #2 Kyle, Gwen, Luna, Uncle Tay, Deidre, Nanny & Poppy, Ann & Alvin

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