Midnight Sweers

Midnight passed away on March 2, 2024, after being with his family for just shy of 16 years. Midnight was the most amazing boy anyone could have asked for. Midnight, if love alone could have saved you, you would have been immortal.

Over the years, Midnight has made many friends though he will be remembered by his current housemates and kitty friends, Iris, Dolly, Pepper, and Misty. Midnight will live on in each member of his human family’s memory. His mom Tammy and siblings Jasmine, Michael, Amanda, Sabrina and Natasha will never forget what a good boy he had been. There are so many memories that will be cherished from the past 16 years. Some precious memories include Midnight chasing bubbles outside in the summer when he was a young puppy, watching him run around in baseball fields like he was a professional player, listening to him snore extremely loud while he slept and watching his face turn excited once he realized it was someone’s birthday (Midnight sure loved eating birthday cake).

Midnight has been a loving and loyal companion over the last 16 years. While he was on this earth for what is actually quite a long period, it does not seem like all that time has passed. It is hard to imagine life without you, Midnight, as you have become engraved in our hearts and daily lives.

We will love and miss you forever, Midnight. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given us. May you run pain-free once you cross the Rainbow Bridge. Your friends and family will continue loving and cheering you on from here on earth.

Until we meet again, buddy, we love you and already miss you immensely

Nicknames: Mid, MayMay, Moo, Babe and many many more
Pet parents: Tammy
Siblings: Jasmine, Michael, Amanda, Natasha, and Sabrina
Favourite toys: As a pup he loved playing Fetch and tug of war but as he got older didn’t take much to toys
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-05-02
Death date: 2024-03-02
Favourite Activity: Getting pets and cuddling
Favourite food: Almost all food, everything from chicken, steak, beef, pizza, and even cake
Least favourite thing: Any type of vegetable, the only time vegetables were approved was when covered in gravy
Friends?: Midnight had made many friends throughout the years, both cat and dog friends.

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