Jigger Dodge

Well he was kind of a bully, liked to show everyone he was the boss. the Anglican minister was no exception….lol, who was kind of afraid of this 9 lb demon. One day the minister shows up, opens the back door but Jigger who went to meet him , with his usual rudeness but was caught behind the door when the holy man came in. As he removed one shoe to partake in a wonderful shot of the drink, the demon himself bounded around the door to latch his little sharp fangs around the preacher’s ankle.. well I thought I was gonna pass out. But we both had quite the laugh , me and Jiggs.. after the man left. Forever in my heart, I know he is waiting for me at the end of that road.

Pet’s name: Jigger
Nicknames: Bubs or Jigs
Pet parents: Perry and Deanne
Siblings: Willow and Lilly
Favourite toys: He didn’t like toys, funny I know .
Birth/gotcha date: 2005-12-20
Death date: 2022-07-15
Favourite Activity: being the boss and sunbathing
Favourite food: steak
Least favourite thing: When dad left
Friends: a boxer/ chopper

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