Colbourne Kavanagh

Our little Colbourne was named after Dr. S. Ann Colbourne; an
amazing doctor who made better the lives of so many people
living with diabetes. Including little Colbourne’s Mom.
Little Colbourne would stare straight into your eyes for minutes with barely a blink. It became a game to see who could maintain eye
contact the longest. Colbourne won every time.
He lost his vision three years ago, and still it felt like his stare was looking into our souls. He had the house mapped out and made his way around with such confidence. He was truly an amazing, kind little soul who brought us such joy everyday. We miss him beyond measure. Our sweet Boy.

Pet’s name: Colbourne
Pet parents: Debbie and John Kavanagh
Siblings: Joslin, Best and Banting
Favourite toys: Lambies and Ballies
Birth/gotcha date: 2012-04-13
Death date: 2024-01-11
Favourite Activity: Playing ballies with Dad and the Boys, then snuggling
Favourite food: Anything he could sniff out!
Least favourite thing: Colbourne loved everything and everyone!
Friends: Banting, Best, Joslin and Barney

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