Winston Barnes

Sir Winston( Winny Winny). My best friend has been laid to rest. Just shy of his 10th birthday, his big heart could take no more and we’re devastated. 

He was such an excellent companion/friend and big brother. He came into our lives just as we moved into our home and he completed it. Gave Melissa great comfort and company while I worked away . Then became the best protector and brother to Jack. His constant zest for life ( mainly food) and happiness was infectious. His snorts and wiggles appreciated and brought a smile every time. A fierce protector of our home barking at all who dare walk by or deliver a package. But age started to catch up as it does and while he slowed down a tad he was still as loving as ever just a little more stubborn. It all quickly deteriorated and we knew he was ready to rest, he had given us all the love his heart could. 

Winston our lives will never be the same without you, you gave us so much joy and love. I love you buddy and miss you dearly.

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