Cecilia Temple Clarke

Ever since she first chose us as her parents Cecilia has been an absolute treasure. She has always been there to lick away our tears, to purr away our discontent, and to demand our undying love, respect, and belly rubs. We will miss her every time we buy a bag of apples. We will never forget you, Princess. Rest easy. The pain is left only for the living.

Pet’s name: Cecilia Temple Clarke
Nicknames: Princess, Celia, Cecil
Pet parents: Alisha and David
Siblings: Angus who she hated to love, and Finnegan who she loved to hate.
Favourite toys: Hair ties
Birth/gotcha date: 2014-04-21
Death date: 2024-01-08
Favourite Activity: Napping
Favourite food: Chicken
Least favourite thing: Dogs

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