Zoe Follett

One of my favourite memories with Zoe is when we would hang out in the sun on the back patio for hours, cuddling in my bed or the living room watching a movie. One thing I’ll miss is she used to walk on me until she woke me up no matter what time it is so she could be let out of my room. I’ll miss waking up that way forever. my sweet perfect angel you’ll be missed by me and my sister Jada forever. We love you forever Zoe.

Pet’s name: Zoe
Nicknames?: Zo
Pet parents: Mackenzie Follett and Jada Stamp
Siblings?: Jax, Tyson, Oliver ,Sasha
Favourite toys: Her mouse toys she used to play with when she was younger
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-10-17
Death date: 2023-11-08
Favourite Activity: Lying under the christmas tree
Favourite food: Her treats and cat lickables
Least favourite thing: Belly rubs

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