Wilbur Davis

Boo and I have endless ‘favorite’ memories..the most notable ones being cuddling and listening to soft jazz. His purr in these moments would rival a Harley roar, and of course he would have won. 🙂 Boo had the loudest yet soothing purr I have ever heard in my life. My dear friend Barry once took a decibel level reading of his purr on an app one night and it was sent off the charts.
My Boo Boo Pie, I have loved you to the fullest and will forever . I know you have loved me to the moon and back also, we have been spiritually bound since day one. You are with me forever, and see you over the Rainbow Bridge in due time. I know I will hear you well in advance. <3 I love you forever, my Boo.

Pet’s name: Wilbur Davis
Nicknames: Boo
Pet parents: Kris Davis
Favourite toys: Fuzzy Blankets and Cushy Pillows
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-08-05
Death date: 2023-11-08
Favourite Activity: Cuddling
Favourite food: Australian lamb
Least favourite thing: The Evil Kennel

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