Quinn Lambe

Quinn was the bestest dog, “child”, friend and “sister dog” we could have ever dreamed of. We could not have loved her more. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting this gentle giant know just how loveable she was. There will never be another as good. Quinn exuded love endlessly. We’ll miss her head butts for cuddles and her sniffy “kisses” (she never ever licked). The way she fully leaned in for a hug and the weight of her head on our shoulders, she would stay there forever if she could. Thanks for brining so much love to our lives the last 10 years! We love you Quinn

Pet’s name: Quinn Lambe
Nicknames: Quinner, Pin
Pet parents: Karla and Robert
Siblings: Winnie and Will
Favourite toys: Any ball
Birth/gotcha date: 2013-08-31
Death date: 2023-10-06
Favourite Activity: Cuddling with her family
Favourite food: Vanilla Timbits
Least favourite thing: Balloons

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