Maggie Rodgers

Maggie gave her Dad and Mom so many precious memories that we’ll treasure always. She was more than a “cat”. She was our precious little girl with 4 legs and fur. Every memory with her, even just the times when she would snuggle in your arms, is a favorite. Maggie loved to get up with her Dad every morning at coffee time. She loved affection and made sure you knew when she wanted loves, which was always. She loved to play bunk, box and stairs. Maggie loved it when you whispered in her ear, danced with her in your arms and sang to her. We can’t put into words how special this little soul was and how much love and joy she brought to our lives. We love you our precious little Maggie and we’ll miss you forever. You’ve taken a piece of our hearts with you.

Pet’s name: Maggie Rodgers
Nicknames: May, May Pie
Pet parents: Craig and Cindy Rodgers
Siblings: Predeceased by her sister Dot
Favourite toys: Maggie loved all of her toys, but her favorite was her little square catnip pillow
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-10-22
Death date: 2023-10-17
Favourite Activity: Giving and receiving lots of love to and from Dad and Mom
Favourite food: Chef’s dinner pate, temptations treats, shrimp, toast and yogurt
Least favourite thing: Company coming over

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