Bailey Butler

So many great memories over the last 14 years but one that I love since Bailey was a puppy was how much he loved Christmas, he couldn’t wait to get his gifts so he could tear wrapping paper to pieces!

Bailey was such an important part of my life but also my families. He lived in our family home and will be deeply missed by nan and pop Butler, and Stacey.

Pet’s name: Bailey Butler
Pet parents: Amanda Bowen (Butler)
Siblings: Diesel (Husky)
Favourite toys: Toys never lasted long with him. He loved tearing them apart
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-06-01
Death date: 2023-10-14
Favourite Activity: Cuddling on couch/bed
Favourite food: Bacon Treats/Tims Tea/Anything we eat
Least favourite thing: Having his paws touched
Friends: Charlie (Goldendoodle) his bestfriend over last few years

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