Casey Murphy

I adopted Casey from a family friend at 8 weeks old in August of 2006. He was the runt of the litter but such a fluffy little ball of fur. He gained many nicknames over the years but for some reason, Pusser stuck. Over our 17 years together, he grew into a gentle giant – over 19 lbs of fur and love. He was a big boy but was so gentle, especially with his little brothers (Dewey who passed away in 2016) and Finnegan. Grooming Finn was one of his favorite things to do and we lovingly referred to him as “Poppy Puss”. He was my constant companion – from post night shifts naps to cleaning. He was always there. The last few years, he started to slow down. I would keep the water running in the bathtub so he could grab a fresh drink without having to go downstairs. If I forgot to turn it on, he would wake me up in the middle of the night to turn it on for him. At night, after we curled up and fell asleep, I would feel his paw tap my face. He wanted pets and love. And if I didn’t immediately respond with pets and love, I would get a less gentle second tap to the face. Pusser got sick and started to decline very rapidly. Making the decision to let him go was gut wrenching and I agonized for days over what to do. In the end, I know Pusser received the loving send-off that he truly deserved, surrounded by his mom and his furbrother Finn. We both miss you fiercely. Run free sweet Pusser. Until we meet again.

Pet’s name: Casey
Nicknames: Pusser
Pet parents: Amanda Murphy
Siblings: Finnegan
Favourite toys: Feathers on a stick, toy mouse
Birth/gotcha date: 2006-08-15
Death date: 2023-08-12
Favourite Activity: Napping, grooming Finnegan, cuddles with mom
Favourite food: Temptations treats, bread
Least favourite thing: Wet food

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