Willowlake’s Carmel Candy Girl-Ellie Walsh

While your time with us here at Angel Paws was short little Ellie, you made a huge impact on all of our lives. The wagging tail, those big “feed me, love me’ eyes, the snuggles, the happy wiggles whenever we saw you – You will be missed beyond measure. You were our Foreman, our little ray of sunshine and our sweet little baby girl.

We love you Ellie – Run free angel xoxo

Pet’s name: Ellie Walsh
Nicknames: Smelly Ellie, Eleanor, Little One, Ellie-Mae, The Foreman, Ellie Belly, Weasel, Monkey Butt
Pet parents: Michelle Walsh
Siblings: Campbell and Tucker
Favourite toys: Decoy duck, Stuffies
Birth/gotcha date: 2012-02-09
Death date: 2023-08-01
Favourite Activity: Hiking, Swimming, Begging for Treats, Working with Mom, Snuggling, playing in MUD
Favourite food: Anything not healthy or whatever anyone else was eating
Least favourite thing: Baths, Being home alone
Friends: Everyone she met but especially Campbell

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