Tetley Whittle (Crawley)

Her entire life is a favourite memory. She is a forever dog. The ultimate best friend and adventurer. Thousands of miles. Millions of fetches. Thousands of sunrises on the trails. Too big. Too much. Too powerful to ever be contained. Tetley knew how to live life to the fullest and she squeezed every single drop out of… swimming just hours before her death… crossing over with power, the way she lived her life. A dog like Tetley seems to big to die… her entire life is one big memory of love and adventure and how to show up for it every single day. She is a soul dog. A forever dog. My best friend and love of my life.

Dear Tetley,
I have no doubt that God himself is throwing a golden stick, and even the devil bowed down when you crossed over “oh sh*t she’s back” I’m sure he said. And when you left no doubt you left a gaping hole in the solar system. It might just match the one you left in my heart.

You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. You brought me back to life, with your zest for it and your refusal to live on any one else’s terms.

You taught me more about power. Strength and resilience than anything else.

You taught my about loyalty. Trust. Fearlessness and pure authentic power.

You are greatness personified. You are wild in the living flesh. The closest thing to a wolf that I’ll ever see.

So go and raise hell in heaven. You wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would I. Hold a space for the rest of us so we can play fetch and run together for eternity.

Thank you for choosing me to be yours.

Pet’s name: Tetley Whittle (Crawley)
Nicknames: Wiggies
Pet parents: Tonya Whittle + Justin Crawley
Siblings: Lexie Lou (passed Nov 6, 2022).
Favourite toys: Sticks and balls
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-03-14
Death date: 2023-07-04
Favourite Activity: Hiking + swimming
Favourite food: Meat!
Least favourite thing: Rest
Friends: Tetley had so many friends. Too many to name and most are at the rainbow bridge. The thing about living old is you out live everyone…

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