Harley Clarke

We had 11 amazing years with the most loving companion. Harley was affectionate and always there for each of us on bad days. He was full of energy and loved going in the car and on adventures. Harley was always so excited to see us all and loved being around everyone . He bought so much joy to everyone around him. You will be forever in our hearts

Pet’s name: Harley
Nicknames: Pupper
Pet parents: Shawn and Tracy
Siblings: Brianna and Karlee
Favourite toys: Stuffies with squeakers
Birth/gotcha date: 2013-01-19
Death date: 2023-05-08
Favourite Activity: Going for walks, in the car , playing with his toys , going to the trailer
Favourite food: Milk, cheese and ice cream
Least favourite thing: Taking medicine
Friends: Sophie

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