Tiger Oldford

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our special boy Tiger. He had a huge impact on our lives for 12 wonderful years. Our favorite memory of tiger is he would open up our drawers and haul out our clothes and then get in and cuddle down. We never knew what kind of position he would be in when we entered a room. He wasn’t very vocal but when he wanted his treats he would come over and sit and stare at you and put a single paw on your arm until you took notice. He loved his treats so much that he used a special kind of chirp and none of his other siblings were allowed to have some cause he wanted them all for himself. He had a beautiful personality and he loved his snuggle time. Our hearts are broken and sad but whenever we reminisce about tiger we always smile and are very thankful that he came into our lives. I would like to thank everyone for their kindness during this difficult time. Tiger we love you very much and we will miss you dearly and we are sending you lots of hugs and kisses xxoo

Pet parents: Kerri and daughter Courtney and Son Christopher
Siblings: Shadow(feline) and Molly(feline)
Favourite toys: Striped lion
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-06-18
Death date: 2023-04-20
Favourite Activity: Sleeping
Favourite food: Treats
Least favourite thing: Socializing

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