Milo Williams

My favourite memories of Milo would be when he welcomed his mommy home everyday from work in the window and going to bed with his mommy every night. He loved cuddling and belly rubs. I loved him for 15 years. He was my hardest goodbye. He will be missed forever.

Pet’s name: Milo
Nicknames: Moms Boy
Pet parents: Scott & Carla Williams
Siblings: Jetta
Favourite toys: Loved his toy mouse
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-05-08
Death date: 2023-04-15
Favourite Activity: Loved playing with his little sissy Jetta and being cuddled by his human Mommy
Favourite food: Fresh Pet and canned food with gravy
Least favourite thing: Tickling his back paw
Friends: He had lots of feline friends who would come to the back door to see him

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