Lulu Kelly

Lulu was our pride and joy and we loved her dearly. She was such a special part of our family and she has watched my daughters grow from young toddlers to young women. Loving and playing with Lulu was the highlight of our days. She loved us too beyond measure. Everyone always told us she didn’t act like a typical cat. She would greet us at the door, watch for us in the window, sit around with us outside and enjoy campfires, cuddle us for hours on end, and so much more. We now miss her presence dearly but we have enough memories to last enough a lifetime.

Pet’s name: Lulu
Pet parents: Angela & Brian Kelly
Siblings: Alyssa & Grace
Favourite toys: Catnip stuffies
Birth/gotcha date: 2009-05-03
Death date: 2023-03-15
Favourite Activity: Sleeping, eating, and cuddling with family
Favourite food: Anything seafood
Least favourite thing: Car rides to vet
Friends: Her new kitten Leia

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