Bella’s favourite things to do were to go on road trip vacations with family, being off leash outside, giving hugs and cuddles to her parents, playing catch, and making homemade treats with her favourite human. And most of all she loved being the center of attention and be involved in everything we done.

Pet’s name: Bella
Nicknames: Bell
Pet parents: Emily and Lucas
Siblings: Ace, puffin
Favourite toys: Gray mouse she would rock back and forth
Birth/gotcha date: 2010-06-14
Death date: 2023-03-18
Favourite Activity: Going for walks at bowering park, spending time with her family, going for car rides/ road trips
Favourite food: Carrots, sweet potato, meat
Least favourite thing: Being alone, going to the dog park
Friends: Ace, puffin, Mya, Marvel

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