Bear Smith

Bear was a happy go lucky baby who would jump on the quad when John started it up. He loved going for car rides specially when we loaded the car to go to the cabin. The squirrels would tease him and he would go sit at the bottom the the tree watching them. He loved belly rubs. We will miss you, Til we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Pet’s name: Bear Smith
Nicknames: baby bear
Pet parents: John and Tina Smith
Siblings: Stephanie and Shawn and fur brother Eddie
Favourite toys: Squeeks and moose antler
Birth/gotcha date: 2013-04-25
Death date: 2023-03-05
Favourite Activity: Quad rides, kayak and pedal boat rides and hikes in the woods
Favourite food: Chicken and steak as well as Bobbi’s treats
Least favourite thing: having his toes touched

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