Charlie Lushman

I would say if Charlie could sum up his favourite memories, it would most definitely include being anywhere his Momma was, chasing his big sister MaraBella and playing with his red kong bone – oh, and definitely pulling the squeakers out of all his toys! MaraBella came into his life in his later years, and I know if he could speak he would be saying “Mom, look at me playing with the big kids!” He just loved chasing her so much!

Pet’s name: Charlie
Pet parents: Deanna Lushman and Darcy Dredge
Siblings: MaraBella
Favourite toys: Red Kong Bone
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-01-20
Death date: 2023-01-28
Favourite Activity: Chasing his sister MaraBella
Favourite food: Peanut Butter
Least favourite thing: strange dogs
Friends: Candi, Willow and Molly

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