Pippa Fudge

Endless cuddles with mama and daddy, her puppy fall photoshoot, roadtrips to see Nanny and Poppy Fudge, cuddles with Grandma Oates and spa days with her sissys.

Pet’s name: Pippa
Nicknames: Pip
Pet parents: Brad and Pamela Fudge
Siblings: Lena
Favourite toys: Socks tied in knots, orange shuttle toy and anything that meant she got to be chased
Birth/gotcha date: 2015-07-04
Death date: 2023-02-06
Favourite Activity: Cuddling and cooking with her Mama
Favourite food: Cheese and Sardines
Least favourite thing: Visitors leaving the house
Friends: Sissy Tara, Rebecca, Sissy Courtney, little Hayden (who called her sweet potato), Nanny and Poppy Fudge and Grandma and Poppy Oates

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