Comet Antle

When comet was 5 years old, he got out of the house accidentally. After looking for a few days we couldn’t find him and we started to get worried. One night a few days after Comet getting out, Comets mom went for a night time walk around our block. On her way home she felt like she needed to call out his name 1 last time, so she yelled out “Comet” 3 times. After yelling out his name, she then felt something touching her leg. When she looked down, their comet was.

Pet’s name: Comet
Pet parents: Kevin and Sherry Antle
Siblings: Jordan, Josh, and Zack Antle
Favourite toys: Mouse string
Birth/gotcha date: 2007-01-01
Death date: 2023-01-23
Favourite Activity: Laying in the sun and playing with his family
Favourite food: Chicken
Least favourite thing: New Kitchen Chairs

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