Cleary Oscar Lamkin

On June 4th 2008, the Red Wings won the cup they played great. Then Christa’s mother came over to drop off a cake. We found it strange cause it was late. Then we realized it wasn’t true, it was orange and white kitten no bigger than a shoe. Even though I was a bit weary, I thought it was fitting to name him after Dan Cleary.
So through much laughter and some tears, Cleary stayed for 15 years.
He jumped our backs and laid on our laps, slept on our chest by our heads on the sofa and in our beds.
He danced with his mom and made her sing, he was handsome like a King, just call his name and he would appear, bringing joy to everyone near. So at the vet for his final stay I thought about how we taught Cleary about life, friendship, compassion and love everyday, but as his final moments counted down Cleary showed us no, it was the other way around.
So when our time comes to go up to the sky and our family and friends comes to meet us, I’m sure Cleary will be the first to greet us, with his tail straight up and his head held high, he will once again look us straight in the eye.
And though we know he had to depart he will always be in our heart. And even though he made us cry we know it’s not his last Good Bye.

Pet’s name: Cleary
Pet parents: Christa and Paul
Siblings: Amy
Favourite toys: Mice and string
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-06-04
Death date: 2022-12-30
Favourite Activity: Cuddling
Favourite food: Shrimp
Least favourite thing: Water
Friends: Just about everybody

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