Bailey Rodgers

Baileys Favourite memories include going in the boat with dad, cabin trips with dad, camping with the family, meeting Tess & Clancy, going on walks with neighbour Becky. Getting neck deep in the muddy bog hole on our hike to chance cove, Helping Laura with nursing skills, Singing with Emma, getting kicked out of obedience school with Mom, & visiting neighbors every day for treats!

Pet’s name: Bailey
Nicknames: Beet, Baljeet, Bailey girl, Bailey boo
Pet parents: Tracy & Marshall
Siblings: Molly & Kitten
Favourite toys: Rabbit Stuffy, Bally, Dads Slipper
Birth/gotcha date: 2012-03-05
Death date: 2022-11-19
Favourite Activity: Going for drives with dad, Visiting the Neighbors, Hanging out at the Cabin
Favourite food: Cat food & denta sticks
Least favourite thing: Walking on a leash
Friends: Tess, Clancy, Becky, Wilbur, & Dad

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