Lexie Crawley

Lexie brought immense joy to everyone she knew. She was a rescue on March 12,2012 and she brought the deepest joy to our lives. She was a natural therapy dog. A cuddle monster. A bed hog. She loved people and loved to make everyone she knew happy. Her tongue was a weapon and she would back all 100lbs of herself into your lab or spoon with you… making you pet her and if you stopped she let you know to keep going. She had a stubborn streak. She wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want to and you could make her. She was a little tank of pure love. Every moment with Lexie was pure joy. She was innocence, forgiveness and love personified. Her love knew no bounds. She was the greatest companion and she will be deeply missed.

Pet’s name: Lexie Crawley
Nicknames: Lexie Lou. Lollipop. Lobster. Lulu.
Pet parents: Tonya Whittle & Justin Crawley
Siblings: Tetley
Favourite toys: Stuffies
Birth/gotcha date: 2011-08-15
Death date: 2022-11-06
Favourite Activity: Cuddling
Favourite food: Everything but especially peanut butter!
Least favourite thing: Cold.

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